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Company Introduction

Török Security Service Ltd has been providing guarding-protection services at different points of the country since 1994. The guarded workplaces include office buildings, Land Offices, premises, hotels, department store chains, logistical centres, plants and factories. Due to our diverse guarding-protection services provided in the past we have extremely wide ranging experiences in the area of engaging or successfully employing person protecting and asset protecting guards of high qualifications, beyond the regular qualifications.

The preparedness of our company, its market position and financial background allows us to provide asset protection at a high professional quality.

In the course of our asset protection and other service providing activities connected to manned guarding we pay outmost attention to ensure that the security guards and the other employees should be available at the appropriate time, at the appropriate place, in the appropriate number and with education and professional skills that corresponds to the demands.

The owner and the managers of the Company are persons who have several diplomas and several decades of experience in the area of managing a guarding-protection service.

The security guards and the persons employed by us, participating in providing the services, have person protection and asset protection education and education that is prescribed in Act CXXXIII of year 2005 on the rules of private investigator activities and they also have relevant length of experiences. They do implement their work done in the framework of the services in each case in an organised manner, under permanent supervision.

Our company adapts itself to the changing market relations, to the increasingly difficult prospects of the present economic situation. In the course of defining our contractor fees we do take into consideration the efforts directed at savings in the present economic situation, and we enforce this in our contractor fees. We are flexible and we are ready to accept compromises in the course of preparing the assignment contracts as regards the contractor fees as well, and at the same time we do our best we can to fully satisfy the professional demands of our Clients.

Quality assurance system:

The company has an MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality management system, the relevant Certificate, a NATO Supplier approval as well as a AQAP 2120:2006 military qualification system.

The renewal and reviewing audits prescribed by the quality management systems are executed each year regularly.

During performing our assignments we do ensure the planning, organisation, execution, checking of the tasks and their documenting as prescribed by the quality management systems.

The company is a private company fully owned by Hungarians

In addition to the above we have a separate technical team, which is able to implement the installation, integration and the continuous maintenance of all kinds of technical devices that are needed for asset protection.

Our security guards work according to the „Guard Service Rules” that regulates all of their activities.

Our security guards are supplied with uniforms, technical devices always as required by the specific Client.

Our security guards are prepared to take necessary steps in the cases of criminal acts or other disasters.

We have regional representatives in each of the county seats of the country, and we have representatives in the significant cities as well.

We have „regional directors” appointed for the regions, whose task s to regularly check the facilities they are in charge of. They have to register the fact of inspection and the findings on a form sheet.

We wish to provide a long term services capable of development for each of our Clients.


- Our primary approach is PREVENTION!

In order to realise this approach we assess the planned workplace from security aspects and we make proposals its guarding and protection.

We organise guarding and protection in line with the decisions of our Clients. During our assignment we analyse our experiences, and we share our findings in the form of recommendations.

The main areas of our activities are the following:

Manned guarding:

- Characteristics of manned guarding

  • uniform as prescribed by law
  • alarming boards
  • provision of permitted gears
  • 24 hours dispatcher centre with patrol service going to the site
  • regular inspection
  • continuous contact keeping with our client

Technical guarding:

Assessment, designing, installing and maintenance of asset protecting technical systems. Independently used or used for complementing manned guarding-protection.

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Our services:
Guarding-protection of buildings, patrol going to the site, professional consulting, building out complete asset protection systems, night guarding of workplaces

H-1026 Budapest, Gábor Áron u. 38.
Phone.: +36-1-200-39-00, +36-1-200-39-06
Fax.: +36-1-200-50-14
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